Ventura County Public Works Agency awards 2017 Employees of the Year

June 29, 2017

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VENTURA COUNTYVentura County Public Works Agency (VCPWA) awarded three veteran personnel with Employee of the Year awards at the Public Works Week resolution on May 23.

Mariann Kovats, a Supervising Accounting Technician who works in the Central Services Department; John Bryson, a Public Works Maintenance Worker III in the Transportation Department; and Matt Ehret, Project Director of Engineering Services, were honored as the winners among 13 other nominees.

“I was speechless to be announced as one of this year’s winners! I admire so many people I work with on a day-to-day basis, and I believe so many other employees are worthy of this award,” said Kovats, an 18-year VCPWA veteran. “It is an honor to receive this recognition and I am grateful to know that my work is appreciated.”

Kovats was recognized by her peers for her character, team spirit and knowledge. According to the VCPWA Central Services Director Tabin Cosio, Kovats demonstrates commitment to her job and without prevail, is resourceful and willing to challenge herself to work more efficiently every day.

Bryson currently manages the Transportation O&M supply warehouse and sign fabrication operation for VCPWA. Bryson’s ability to multi-task, problem solve and fiscally shop has resulted in thousands of dollars in savings for the county. As the manager of the sign fabrication department, Bryson has saved over 60% on sign sheeting, which has helped departments all over VCPWA.

Ehret has been a crucial partner in leading the Hospital Replacement Wing project at Ventura County Medical Center. “This has been a very busy year for our team, and I’ve had the privilege of serving as Project Director for bringing this state-of-the-art medical center to our community, which has been the largest undertaking of VCPWA to date,” said Ehret.

Nominees for the annual award were chosen by peers who had to select an office employee and a field crew worker in their respective departments. Department directors were then tasked with choosing the top office employee and field crew worker. Kovats, Bryson and Ehrets’ fellow nominees included: Kathryn Pierce (Central Services), JoAnn Heredia and Jess Lemos (Transportation), April Hernandez (Engineering Services), Sky Stanley, Gianna Pourarien and Derrick Wilson (Water & Sanitation), and Kirk Madary, Atika Marsela and Pam Lindsey (Watershed Protection District).

“We appreciate all the hard work of each department to make VCPWA excel as a team,” said Jeff Pratt, VCPWA Director. “Our highly skilled employees, such as Mariann, John, and Matt provide the best services possible to ensure the core values of PWA are upheld.”

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