Studio Channel Islands Recognizes TOLD Corporation as Medici Award Winner

June 29, 2017

CAMARILLO — Studio Channel Islands is delighted to announce that the 2017 Medici Award winner is TOLD Corporation. The Medici Award is the highest recognition that Studio Channel Islands can give. Each year the Board of Directors of Studio Channel Islands select a recipient whose support has been transformative for the organization.

TOLD Corporation has been an outstanding supporter of Studio Channel Islands since its move to Old Town in 2008. TOLD Corporation supported the renovation of the Pleasant Valley / Los Primeros school multi-purpose room into one of the largest art Gallery’s in the county and has generously and consistently invested in the free public events that make Studio Channel Islands a vibrant and creative place for the community. In 2017, TOLD Corporation increased support by funding the workplace shadowing program that has enabled over 30 high school students to gain real work experience in the artists’ studios and the operation of the Gallery.

This program was exceptionally successful and was recognized by Oxnard Union High School District as Business Partners of the Year for Rancho Campana High School. The support from TOLD Corporation enabled Studio Channel Islands to offer the entire Art Academy of Rancho Campana High School opportunities to work alongside professional artists and the Gallery Director to learn about the arts industry.

Students learned about every aspect of the professional art gallery from unwrapping works of art to painting the wall of the gallery, from social media to exhibition cataloging. Students were also paired with artists and had the unique opportunity to shadow the creative process of professional artists, from research and preliminary studies to the execution of major works.

“Montecito Bank and Trust is also pleased that Rod Gilbert, President of the TOLD Corporation is receiving the Medici Award from Studio Channel Islands. Rod and his family have been involved in so many business and philanthropic activities in the Ventura and Conejo Valleys. Rod is a model community leader and inspires everyone he touches to be a better community partner,” said George Leis, Chief Operating Officer at Montecito Bank and Trust.

“As an avid supporter of the arts and liberal arts education, Rod is very deserving of the Medici Award,” said Cal Lutheran President Chris Kimball, Ph.D. “Cal Lutheran has been blessed with Rod’s generosity as a donor and his service as a Board of Regents leader. Rod has worked tirelessly on numerous building projects and campus expansions, and he continues to play a vital role in the success of Cal Lutheran and our community.”

“Evidence of the good that the TOLD Corporation has done for the community under Rod’s stewardship, can be seen hanging on the walls of Studio Channel Islands.” Supervisor Kelly Long, District 3.

“There are few, if any, people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with that I admire or respect more than Rod Gilbert and TOLD Corporation,” said Chris Meissner, President of Meissner Filtration Products. “TOLD exemplifies that business and profits do not have to be in conflict with honesty and ethics. I also don’t think I’ve ever met anyone humbler than Rod Gilbert. He always defers credit to his team at TOLD Corporation. TOLD Corporation isn’t just a casual member of the corporate community in Ventura County so it’s no surprise for me to learn that TOLD Corporation continues to be recognized for community impact. “

“Studio Channel Islands faces a difficult task each year, selecting just one of our many great supporters to honor with the Medici Award. This is the nineteenth year for Studio Channel Islands and TOLD Corporation has been by our side for more than a decade. Rod’s vision for our community and his commitment to advancing education were clear when he generously agreed to support the construction of the Blackboard Gallery at Studio Channel Islands. The continued support from TOLD Corporation for our free family friendly festival, Arts Alive, and the new support for our education work has enabled us to extend our programs in 2017 and reach new audiences. Rod is a leading voice in our community, a champion for the future of our children and the City in which they may one day make a home.” Peter Tyas, Executive Director Studio Channel Islands.

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