Through Oct. 10 — ‘Santa Barbara History You Don’t Know – but Would Love to Ask!’ at SBCC School of Extended Learning

September 1, 2017

Erin Graffy. Courtesy photo.

SANTA BARBARA — Santa Barbara’s past is filled with quirky characters, great inventions and forgotten stories that would even surprise a local. Whether you were born on the South Coast or made it a permanent home after falling for the coastline, local historian and SBCC School of Extended Learning instructor Erin Graffy will uncover a new perspective on your hometown. The Santa Barbara History You Don’t Know – but Would Love to Ask! class meets at 3:30-5 p.m. on Tuesdays through Oct. 10. at the Schott Campus, 310 W. Padre St. From the comfort of the classroom, Graffy will walk students through a world of intriguing neighborhoods and important, historic, local events that have richly shaped our community.

“This is a fascinating and eye-opening class that will change how you think of some of the community’s great landmarks and historic residents,” said Andy Harper, Senior Director of the School of Extended Learning. “Erin is a born storyteller and incredibly passionate about preserving the history behind Santa Barbara.”

Local historian Erin Graffy has written more than 100 books and articles on regional history and culture, including the popular “How to Santa Barbara” series; “Saint Barbara (The Truth Tales, Tidbits and Trivia of Santa Barbara’s Patron Saint)”; “Remembering Jordanos”; and a coffee table book on our waterfront history. She has reviewed for the California Historical Society, and for 10 years served as editor of “La Gazeta” for the Mission Archive Library. Graffy lectures extensively on California’s Rancho Period and her “Old Spanish Days” was the recipient of three national book awards. As a Southern California historian, Erin has been featured in several documentaries, including the Emmy Award-winning documentary “Impressions in Time” and was featured as a California historian in the 2015 Pasadena Rose Parade.

Santa Barbara History You Don’t Know – but Would Love to Ask!
Class ID: 21095
Tuesdays: 3:30-5 p.m. through Oct 10;
Schott Campus Auditorium, 310 W. Padre St.
Class Price: $48
Register online here

Graffy will also be teaching After the Fall: A Cultural History of Postwar Vietnam, starting Oct. 19 in the Schott Campus auditorium. In this class, students will discover what happened after the Communists gained power in Vietnam. Graffy will provide an eye-opening look at TET offensive, civilian life and the dramatic aftermath of the Vietnam conflict. Class cost: $48. Find out more or register online.

About the SBCC School of Extended Learning: The School of Extended Learning responds to the diverse learning needs of the adult population in the Santa Barbara community by advancing life and career skills, and bridges to credit.

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