Jan. 19 — Friday Night Movie Class Confronts Individual, Cultural Concerns at SBCC School of Extended Learning

January 1, 2018

SANTA BARBARA — ‘Turning Points in Thought From Film’ explores movie narratives and character development for the purpose of opening up the multifaceted field of psychology; Tuition-free class begins January 19

Defining and mirroring culture, cinema fills an important role in our society. Its power and place have expanded as it has been recognized as a door into understanding relationships and balancing perceptions. Viewing movies can be a methodology/tool to examine psychological dynamics and has the power to amplify emotions and unravel ideas. This spring at SBCC School of Extended Learning, the tuition-free class Turning Points in Thought From Film: For Older Adults helps students view movies through a psychological lens to discover more about individual and cultural concerns.

Friday evenings, beginning January 19 through March 9, Turning Points in Thought From Film explores movie narratives and character development for the purpose of opening up the multifaceted field of psychology. Each week features fascinating discussions and a film viewing. The class is built on the idea that, according to James Hillman, “everything begins in fantasy.” Through contact with the “other” observed in movies, new relationships with ideas and emotions germinate.

Reflection on how characters balance, realign, change, or define emotions and thoughts is the basis for discussion following the viewing of movies. To help this discussion along, various psychological lenses are introduced as ways to observe movies. Additionally, questions about character development and motivation expose the interplay of fantasy and reality. Image, symbol, and archetype develop in sophistication and become dynamic.

Application and registration is required and can most conveniently be completed at the Wake Campus at 300 N. Turnpike Road or Schott Campus at 310 W. Padre St.. Application can also be completed online here.
Course number: 64391

For more information about how to apply and register, click here.

About the SBCC School of Extended Learning: The School of Extended Learning responds to the diverse learning needs of the adult population in the Santa Barbara community by advancing career and life skills, and building bridges to credit.

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