EDC-VC Business Line update for Sept. 29

September 29, 2017

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Chairman’s Message  
Cheryl Heitmann is EDC-VC board chair and Ventura City Councilwoman
Celebrating the Power of Women Entrepreneurs in Ventura County
October is National Women’s Small Business Month, which calls us to recognize the leading role that women-owned businesses play in economic vitality and social equity. According to the Small Business Administration, nearly all (99.9%) of women-owned businesses are small business, and indeed their impact is mighty. They contribute more than $1.4 trillion in sales and 6.5 million jobs. Nationally, in minority communities, the impact is even greater than in the overall population, because a larger share of minority-owned businesses are owned by women, compared to non-minority counterparts.

Why Small Businesses are Important in Ventura County
SBDC Advisor Gonzalo Fernandez
Contributed by Gonzalo Fernandez, Small Business Development Center Consultant

September’s Labor Day honors hard working Americans, and small business owners are among the hardest workers around. They are often the first ones in and the last ones out, working side-by-side with their employees.

While we hear and read daily how our national economy is doing based on the stock market’s biggest companies and business sectors, don’t let those national data points eclipse the big impact of small businesses, including start-ups and non-employer companies, here in Ventura County.

SBDC Teaching Supply Chain Logistics to Students in China
Ray Bowman with Beijing Wuzi University Students

In collaboration with California State University, San Bernardino, Ray Bowman, executive director of EDC-VC’s Small Business Development Center of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties enjoyed a week in China as a guest lecturer teaching classes on International Supply Chain Logistics and International Import/Export to about 60 Chinese college students at Beijing Wuzi University’s School of Logistics.

New advisor brings expertise in global entrepreneurship
SBDC Advisor Jay Tsao will work with Shanghai office

Jay Tsao has joined EDC-VC’s Small Business Development Center of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties (SBDC) team of 30-plus advisors providing free one-on-one consulting to local businesses to help area companies strengthen and grow their bottom line. Tsao’s expertise in international trade and e-commerce will help local businesses looking to develop trade partnerships with Chinese companies and other global markets. Click here to view full article.

Simi Thai Restaurant is an SBDC Success Story
Owners Amy and Tony Pornrattanavisai
Born in Bangkok, Thai couple Tony Pornrattanavisai and his wife Amy met while students at Tennessee State University. After earning their degrees, they began working in restaurants in the Hollywood area.
Although schooled in business, Amy’s love for cooking prompted her to get a degree in culinary arts from Los Angeles Technical College, and together the two followed their dream to own and operate a Thai restaurant…Click here to view full article.

Congratulations to Very Ventura Gift Shop & Gallery!
Owner Angela Rosales
photo: Chuck Kirman, VC Star
Very Ventura Gift Shop & Gallery owner Angela Rosales was named 2017 Latino Business Award winner, Small Business, by Pacific Coast Business Times.
An SBDC client, Rosales’s passion for all things Ventura and coastal living is reflected throughout her successful gift shop and gallery.
Congratulations Angela!

EDC-VC’s Small Business Development Center Director Recognized as ‘State Star’
Ray Bowman

Ray Bowman, director of the Small Business Development Center of Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, recently received the Association of Small Business Development Centers coveted “State Star” award in recognition of his contributions to the state SBDC program. Bowman was presented with the award at the 37th Annual America’s SBDC Conference in Nashville, TN. The award is given annually to an outstanding SBDC consultant from each state. Criteria include showing a strong commitment to small business success; making significant contributions to the state SBDC program; and being an exemplary performer.

For the past seven years under Bowman’s leadership, the SBDC has reported an increase of more than $168 million in economic impact, 1,764 jobs created and 1,525 jobs…

Did you know … EDC-VC’s Loan Program is a designated Community Development Financial Institution?
EDC-VC Loan Officer Marvin Boateng
Recently, EDC-VC was awarded the prestigious Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) certification from the California Organized Investment Network (COIN a Division of the California Department of Insurance).
Qualifying for the CDFI certification is one of the ways the EDC-VC has worked to expand its ability to secure additional loan capital and enrollment into other California programs that provide loan guarantee resources, strengthening EDC-VC’s capacity to help local businesses find the non-traditional funding needed to develop and grow their bottom line.


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