‘A Better Life’ opening July 8 in Oxnard

July 7, 2011

A powerful film called A Better Life, with an all-Latino cast and already garnering positive reviews, may not be seen by millions of Latinos unless we take action and get the word out, Miguel Orozco of Nueva Vista Media reported in a media release.

The film opens in Oxnard on July 8 at the Plaza Stadium Cinemas, 255 W. Fifth St., Oxnard.

A Better Life is a beautiful film that tells a simple but universal story of a hardworking immigrant wanting a better life for his son. The film is a tribute to an invisible community of the many hard-working Latino immigrants who want only what all Americans want — a better life. It’s the same story shared by German, Irish, and Italian immigrants not so long ago. The movie communicates a message of dignity and respect that we have been longing for and one that’s desperately needed in this anti-immigrant environment.

A Better Life is one of the rare movies that depicts Latinos and all immigrants with authenticity and humanity, and will have you remembering when and where you saw it.

It’s taken over twenty years for A Better Life. Which is just about the same amount of time that it’s taken our community to be taken seriously.  The film has expanded to 18 cities and its box office success or failure hinges on only a few weeks of limited release. It’s time to take action. Visit the A Better Life Facebook page Latinos: A better life awaits us.  Let’s get the word out!



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